Patient Communication Collection (Slide Deck)

Click on the links (in RED) below to view short slide decks that can be used as a reference in your patient communication growth and development.


OARS is an acronym used in ‘Motivational Interviewing” to help the interviewer remember the different tools available to have a deeper, richer conversation with your patients.

Click Here to View: OARS



Beware Traps

Conversation with patients can drift from productive to ineffective in a hurry.  There are 7 common habits that dentists form in their interactions with patients. As you become more aware of these traps the easier it will be for you to avoid getting stuck in a trap.

Click Here to View: 7 Traps That Catch Dentists


Ask yourself a question: Is your new patient exam designed for you or your patient?

Dental school teaches the expert model of examination, that is based in data gathering. This is an efficient way to learn how to collect information and make a diagnosis, but it creates a separation between the patient and the doctor and prevents  patients from leaning about themselves in the moment of discovery. Co-Discovery is an effective process to travel the path along side your patient.

Click Here to View: Co-Discovery in Dentistry

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