My name is Scott Cairns D.D.S.; I am a practicing dentist in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. The Purpose of this site is to make my small contribution toward making dentistry better for dentists. Dentistry is a hard profession. Not only is the technical aspect of delivering sustainable results in a challenging environment laborious, add running a small business and leading a team to the list of difficulties. The migration of dentistry from a near 100% fragmented marketplace to a mixed marketplace has created a disruption within dentistry. Change can be hard, but it does not have to be bad. My higher ambition is to make dentistry better for dentists. Dentistry is a noble calling that can and should fill the lives of its providers. Ultimately, dentistry is about serving the needs of the public which has entrusted the status of profession upon it. The better the profession is for the professionals, the better the service to the public. Giants in dentistry such as L.D. Pankey, Harold Wirth, Pete Dawson and Bob Barkley have all played a role in shaping the profession of dentistry. With an intentional focus, the timeless principles espoused by these individuals can and will survive and flourish in this changing marketplace. As influence in dentistry migrates from solo dentists to corporations, insurance providers and organizations, the leaders of these groups will have more of a role in shaping dentistry than ever before. It is my view that the alignment of dentists with professional management will serve dentistry and dentists well as long as both parties enter into a mutually beneficial and helping relationship. It is my sincere desire to act as a catalyst for the formation of these relationships.

In the pages and posts on this site, you will discover much of the knowledge that I have spent decades learning. My hope is that this unique blend of traditional practice management advice, interviews with leaders past and present within dentistry, and the application of best business practices found in business leadership literature to dental practice management and leadership will become a welcome resource to dentistry.